Office cleaning and disinfecting Phones.

If your phones are not getting disinfected then germs are living on those phones, cleaning and disinfecting phones is a must. Advertisements

What’s love got to do with it??

Remember that song by Tina Turner, well what does love got to do with it? Love for what you do is everything, I’m not saying you won’t have a bad day we all do, but when you love what you do it loves you back!

Commercial cleaning and quality.

Commercial cleaning and quality go hand in hand, The more you direct your efforts on delivering an awesome job the more likely you are to keep and impress your customers! Cleaning offices is an art. 860-712-9226 for your free estimate.

My Birthday Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone tomorrow is my 48th Birthday and I have to say that the years have flown by, the things I am most thankful for are God first and foremost, 2nd my wife and two kids, there are things is this life which are precious, and the most precious is my family. With all the … Continue reading

What is cleaning without great workers?

Do you make your workers feel great about doing a great job? Try this on for size, as you train your help tell them how great they are cleaning and don’t sugarcoat things, telling the truth means everything in business, but you see how they follow your commercial cleaning instructions, tell them, your doing an … Continue reading

Cassarino Commercial Cleaning 860-264-5558

We offer the best building cleaning services in ct, we vacuum, mop, disinfect and clean counters, clean and disinfect bathrooms, clean the inside and outside of the toilets, clean the sinks, fixtures and mirrors, we clean medical offices, dental offices, surgery centers, day cares, schools, insurance companies, we disinfect phones, dust computers, computer keyboards, pictures, … Continue reading

Traning new cleaning people, Cassarino Commercial Cleaning, 860-712-9226, Call now for a free estimate.

When training new cleaning people it’s a good idea to find out if they really like to clean, by doing so you will be more successful in getting the job done, when your not there the job has to be done right, not wrong, there’s a fine line between losing a customer and keeping a … Continue reading

What’s the key to keeping a customer?

Quality is the key to keeping customers long term. If you think for one minute that by delivering a slacking lacking no effort cleaning will win you a pot of gold think twice! 860-712-9226, Call now For A free estimate!

Sales and Cleaning.

A salesman is only as good as the product or service he is selling, I hear a lot of stories about cleaning companies that just rush in and out of the job ┬ájust to get to the the next job, not cleaning bathrooms, not vacuuming well, not dusting pictures and frames, not mopping, what’s going … Continue reading

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