Every account counts.

Every office cleaning account is so important, treat every customer as the most important customer you have because you never know what commercial cleaning service is knocking at they’re door! Advertisements

What seperates one commercial cleaning company form the rest?

Tell me, what do you think separates one office cleaning company from the rest? If your having a free estimate from the owner of a local office cleaning company, what do you look for in that person? enthusiasm? energy, the desire to please? A cheap price? references?¬†There are so many tell tale signs of a … Continue reading

Medical office cleaning and mopping.

Mopping medical office floors should be taken serious, adding the right amount of disinfectant/cleaner is a vital part of mopping the examining rooms, medical office cleaning in CT should be done with a consistent¬†attitude, wiping down counters with the same cleaner/ disinfectant, moving things on the counters and putting them back, but when I say … Continue reading

Office cleaning and wiping down desks.

Office cleaning in the Hartford CT area should be done with the utmost detail in mind, at Cassarino Commercial Cleaning we wipe down desks, moving things cleaning/disinfecting and puting the things back.

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