My Birthday Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone tomorrow is my 48th Birthday and I have to say that the years have flown by, the things I am most thankful for are God first and foremost, 2nd my wife and two kids, there are things is this life which are precious, and the most precious is my family. With all the things happening in the world today we should be thankful we have our families! LOVE, HOPE and HAPPINESS, are the mighty three God given most powerful and important feelings. There is a great evil in our world and it wants to destroy all of us, Padre Pio said Pray Hope and Don’t worry, easier said than done, I know myself I’m always worried, maybe there won’t be enough $$$ for the enormous bills that seem to keep growing higher and higher every year?

Don’t ever stop laughing, laughter is the escape from stress that plagues our minds, love is the cure for hate, So talk to your kids and tell them put down those I pads, stop texting, for a minute, get off Facebook and all those crappy Sidetracking society driven methods of control and Spend some time with you the parents.


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