Sales and Cleaning.

A salesman is only as good as the product or service he is selling, I hear a lot of stories about cleaning companies that just rush in and out of the job  just to get to the the next job, not cleaning bathrooms, not vacuuming well, not dusting pictures and frames, not mopping, what’s going … Continue reading

Cleaning Abuse?

I go into new offices to give estimates and I wonder what is going on? The contact peerson takes me through the office, and as I am spot checking areas that clearly should have been cleaned I wonder and ask, do you really have a cleaning company?? And the answer is always yes. Sometimes there’s … Continue reading

Cleaning desks is an art?

When we clean desks we clean them carefully, and very thoroughly, I train my staff to lift one thing at a time and clean each area right. We use pledge on real wood to make it smell and look good.

Clean It Right, Or don’t Clean IT At All! 860-712-9226

Quality Cleaning or No Cleaning, What do You Think? A Service that pays attention to detail is something to be thought of as valuable. I teach my staff to clean with passion, to care about every aspect of the job, From vacuuming to cleaning and disinfecting the counters, ist’s all about Quality!

What Does a Quality Commercial Cleaning Company have in common with a lousy Commercial cleaning company?

The answer is nothing, It’s like mixing oil and water, they don’t mix, when it comes to building cleaning companies, mine is set apart from services who don’t clean desks, Who don’t dust. who don’t Clean the inside and outside of the toilets,Who don’t clean the inside and outside of the microwaves,  Who don’t edge … Continue reading

Office Cleaning this past weekend.

So Friday night I’m out cleaning four offices and I hear A Forcast for some snow and I also hear there could be some power outages in CT Where I live, well looking back I wouldn’t have believed it could have been as bad, as what was to come to Wethersfield CT, Saturday Came and … Continue reading

Cleaning Baseboards.

Neglecting Baseboards is a common thing in he commercial cleaning business, it’s so easy to clean the baseboards, they don’t have to be cleaned on your hands and knees, maybe the  first cleaning you”ll have to spray them with a cleaner, but every other cleaning you just take a treated dust cloth, tie it to … Continue reading

Every account counts.

Every office cleaning account is so important, treat every customer as the most important customer you have because you never know what commercial cleaning service is knocking at they’re door!

What seperates one commercial cleaning company form the rest?

Tell me, what do you think separates one office cleaning company from the rest? If your having a free estimate from the owner of a local office cleaning company, what do you look for in that person? enthusiasm? energy, the desire to please? A cheap price? references? There are so many tell tale signs of a … Continue reading

Medical office cleaning and mopping.

Mopping medical office floors should be taken serious, adding the right amount of disinfectant/cleaner is a vital part of mopping the examining rooms, medical office cleaning in CT should be done with a consistent attitude, wiping down counters with the same cleaner/ disinfectant, moving things on the counters and putting them back, but when I say … Continue reading

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