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CASSARINO COMMERCIAL CLEANING is a commercial cleaning business located in the Hartford CT area, our focus is delivering the best office cleaning service that the customer has ever had. The office cleaning business is awesome, I bring quality and personality into whole meaning of CASSARINO, disinfecting, dusting, wiping down counters, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, wiping down window sills, dusting shades, chair legs.

Medical or Dental offices-

In examining rooms or operatory rooms:

  • we lift the chairs spray the plastic or metal base with a hospital strength disinfectant and clean the chair
  • Counters,   on the counters we lift things clean and put the items back, we clean the sinks.
  • we wipe down any metal arms that are part of the x ray or lights
  •  Garbages are  emptied and liners replaced
  • Hand soap and paper products replaced in all the rooms including the bathrooms
  •   Rececptuon area- We lift things on the reception desk/ clean and put things back.
  • All designated office desks are cleaned, items lifted, cleaned underneath, and put back.
  • Any real wood desks are pledged to create a vibrant look and clean smell.
  • All the computer screens/ keyboards/ computer towers, fax machines, pictures, picture frames, baseboards are dusted
  • Foyers- foyers are cleaned/ vacuumed and mopped.
  • Glass entrance and exit doors- all glass entrance and exit doors are cleaned.
  • Carpeted and tile flooring vacuumed, mopping all tile floors and or wood.
  • We clean the outside of cabinets as needed to remove scuff marks, fingerprints, dirt/ appearance is everything to your customers or patients!


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