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Quality Cleaning or No Cleaning, What do You Think? A Service that pays attention to detail is something to be thought of as valuable. I teach my staff to clean with passion, to care about every aspect of the job, From vacuuming to cleaning and disinfecting the counters, ist’s all about Quality!

Cleaning kitchens and Microwave Neglect.

Why do building cleaning services neglect the cleaning of the inside and outside of the microwaves, it’s pretty easy to open the microwave to see if it needs to be cleaned, maybe commercial cleaning companies should stop low balling the jobs to sign the clients up, maybe if they charged a fair hourly rate for … Continue reading

Utility Companies and the middle class.

When powers out who’s helping? I felt Hopeless in this recent storm in October, power is out and I’m down and out, why should we support utility stocks? Why should we support high power rates? Why, because they have all the power, just like the political arena, they call the shots and we follow like … Continue reading

Still No Power!

It’s November 3rd 2011, We just burned our last piece of wood in the fireplace, I have not  really seen any Northeast Utility trucks in the neighborhood, this is getting very very old, no power for almost a week??? Oh can I ask you, What year is this? I thought this was 2011. You think … Continue reading

Office Cleaning this past weekend.

So Friday night I’m out cleaning four offices and I hear A Forcast for some snow and I also hear there could be some power outages in CT Where I live, well looking back I wouldn’t have believed it could have been as bad, as what was to come to Wethersfield CT, Saturday Came and … Continue reading

Cleaning Baseboards.

Neglecting Baseboards is a common thing in he commercial cleaning business, it’s so easy to clean the baseboards, they don’t have to be cleaned on your hands and knees, maybe the  first cleaning you”ll have to spray them with a cleaner, but every other cleaning you just take a treated dust cloth, tie it to … Continue reading

Every account counts.

Every office cleaning account is so important, treat every customer as the most important customer you have because you never know what commercial cleaning service is knocking at they’re door!

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