What is cleaning without great workers?

Do you make your workers feel great about doing a great job? Try this on for size, as you train your help tell them how great they are cleaning and don’t sugarcoat things, telling the truth means everything in business, but you see how they follow your commercial cleaning instructions, tell them, your doing an … Continue reading

Traning new cleaning people, Cassarino Commercial Cleaning, 860-712-9226, Call now for a free estimate.

When training new cleaning people it’s a good idea to find out if they really like to clean, by doing so you will be more successful in getting the job done, when your not there the job has to be done right, not wrong, there’s a fine line between losing a customer and keeping a … Continue reading

What Does a Quality Commercial Cleaning Company have in common with a lousy Commercial cleaning company?

The answer is nothing, It’s like mixing oil and water, they don’t mix, when it comes to building cleaning companies, mine is set apart from services who don’t clean desks, Who don’t dust. who don’t Clean the inside and outside of the toilets,Who don’t clean the inside and outside of the microwaves,  Who don’t edge … Continue reading

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